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In her winning piece for Parallax’s Horror Contest, Eleonora Beran-Jahn takes us into the world of a mysterious small town where the night brings more than just the moon out.

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In Memory of Emzara

“The world is ending soon, my love.”

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“I want him to sleep in the crook of an avocado.”

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The Bear

Sofia Haines gives us a beautiful insight inside a bear’s mind.

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Rachel Hertzberg’s “Sorry” examines the often tumultuous patches of the relationship between Mother and child. Far from simple, this poem explores many familiar feelings and evokes a strong sense of nostalgia and sympathy.

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Fantasy From Afar

Come walk down the same sidewalk with Dante Yardas.

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Dear Junior Year

Congratulations to Tenaya Berndsen for winning Honorable Mention in this years IAA Non-Major Contest.

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Hannah Malik’s poem, Vialpando, explores the idea of childbirth and loss.

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Congratulations to Alina Pontius for winning Second Place in the Parallax Non-Major contest!

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Congratulations to Eleonora Beran-Jahn for winning First Place in the Parallax Non-Major contest!

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