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Rivers in Her Hands

In “Rivers in Her Hands” Viviana Wei explores a mother’s dedication to her daughter, and her daughter’s growth.

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Tilt explores a taboo subject seen through the eyes of a small boy. Ashira Shirali uses a childlike voice to depict the hard realism within the piece.

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Sea Cucumber

Read about Alexandra Lewis’s narrator’s discussion of cucumbers with her therapist in the short story, “Sea Cucumber.”

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Robin the Noble

Sabrina Melendez battles gender norms in her modern twist to a heteronormative fairy tale.

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The Enchanted Family Forest

Erin Breen’s short story “The Enchanted Family Forest” explores the decay of a family and its patriarch.

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Warm Smoke in November

Luis is a sophomore at IAA, the Parallax poetry editor, and in this piece he explores a love story in the month of November.

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He Who is Birthed from Suicide’s Loins

Devin Debowski, a 17-year-old studying 3-D art at Idyllwild Arts Academy, delves into the dark with this collection of vignettes, poems, and items.

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The Rebellion

This flash fiction piece written by Anna Mayer, winner of the Short Shorts Contest, pinpoints the irony of what we hold as historical artifact.

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No Place Like Home

Luis Bermudez Ham, of Mexico, examines what it’s like to lose a sense of home. He also likes turtles.

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Boyd Fortin

Tabriz Mohsenin, a Senior from Woodside, CA, tells the story of a boy who kills rattlesnakes and vehemently unearths fate. She plans on pursuing her love of experimental films, integrating visual art and writing.

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