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Pink Weddings with Kristina Darling & Carol Guess.

Ana Garcia experiences grown-up fairy tales in “X Marks the Dress: A Registry,” a new poetry book by Kristina Marie Darling & Carol Guess.

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The Not So Wild Girls

Ana Garcia expresses disappointment about “not so wild girls” in Mary Stewart Atwell’s recent novel, Wild Girls.

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A Quick Trip to the Brothel

Isaac Dwyer experiences a new type of poetry reading, filled with coy cowboys and time-warp aristocrats.

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A Part Time Midwesterner’s Perspective of Robinson Alone

Erin Breen uses her geographic perspective to review Kathleen Rooney’s poetry collection, Robinson Alone.

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Psychological Examinations for the Existentialists

Isaac Dwyer peers around Azareen Van Der Vliet Oloomi’s Fra Keeler, and finds a whole lot of neuroses, pomegranates, and manila folders.

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Early Judgments

Clint Margrave’s The Early Death of Men will die on you early – if you’re expecting something filled with skulls.

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A Triumph for Joe

Isaac Dwyer finds extreme pleasure in reciting the passages of Brendan Constantine’s latest book, Calamity Joe

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Maybe I’m Not Real, Either

None of this is Real, by Miranda Mellis, confuses Isaac greatly.

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Cataclysmic Successes

Isaac really, really, really likes Matt Bell’s Cataclysm Baby.

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Caustic Romanticism

Isaac Dwyer reviews the debut translation of Juliusz Slowacki’s drama of a romantic youth in the Warsaw insurrection.

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