Editor-in-Chief: Emily Clarke is a Cahuilla Native American writer whose favorite words include meat, belly, milk, and mud.

Junior Editor-in-Chief: Delany Burk is a third year junior at Idyllwild Arts who enjoys exploring the psychological aspects of writing.

Fiction Editor: Serena Woosley is a four year senior at Idyllwild Arts. She has allergies to gluten and dairy.

Poetry Editor: Alex Clendenning is a second-year senior at Idyllwild Arts. They enjoy obscure languages, and mythological references in society.

Non-Fiction Editor: Cheon “Alan” Lee is a junior Creative Writing major. Other than writing, he likes to read and write about politics, build computers, and play video games only to heavily critique them. He also co-hosts the ShutUp+LetMeTalk podcast with other dudes.

Social Media Manager: Alex Bishop is a classic Generation Z gal, spending her time on Instagram posting aesthetic photos and writing @alyv.bishop.

Dramatic Writing Editor: Kalista Puhnaty, a three-year junior at Idyllwild Arts, is fond of writing for literally hours on end and sacrificing her sleep for the sake of art, humor, and self-pity.


Kalista Puhnaty, Alex Clendenning, Delany Burk, Emily Clarke, Serena Woosley, Alan Lee, Ryan French, Bailey Bujnosek

Editorial Advisor
Kim Henderson, Creative Writing Chair

Visual Arts Advisor
Linda Lucia Santana, Idyllwild Arts Academy Visual Arts Department

Graphic Design
McCarthy Design Inc. 

Parallax Online is funded by an Arts Enterprise Laboratory (AEL) Grant from Idyllwild Arts Academy. The editors thank Don Put for his assistance with AEL, as well as Molossus editors David Shook and Brian Hewes.

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