Editor in Chief: Sabrina Melendez is a creative writing major at Idyllwild Arts Academy. Aside from writing mostly poetry and short stories, she enjoys singing, song-writing, acting, and playing the piano. She worships Andrea Gibson and Regina Spektor, and regularly drinks tea. Her largest ambition at the moment is to either become the President of the United States or a professional kazoo player.

Junior Editor: Andrea Thompson is a Junior at Idyllwild Arts Academy from Mexico. She enjoys listening to music on shuffle and describing people as sauces.

Dramatic Writing: Arthur Pembrook is the procrastination station. Born and raised in southern California, he finds himself overly fascinated by fantasy and science-fiction. He knows for a fact that when he dies, he’s going to live in Middle-Earth with chocolate and anime chicks.

Fiction Editor: Emily Cameron is a junior at Idyllwild Arts Academy and studies Creative Writing. She feels honored to be the Fiction Editor for Parallax, and has had an amazing experience working with the other talented editors and students.

Poetry Editor: Hannah Malik is a senior at Idyllwild Arts Academy and the poetry editor for Parallax. She is an avid writer of philosophical essays and poetry, and is a competing visual artist. She enjoys long walks in the woods and poking dead things with a stick.

Non-Fiction/Social Media: Ana Garcia Lopez is a confused Mexican who is still trying to figure out something important enough to write here about herself.

Hannah Malik, Arthur Pembrook, Emily Cameron, Parisa Sheikholeslami, Sabrina Melendez, Hannah Phillips, Andrea Thompson, Ana Garcia Lopez

Editorial Advisors
Kim Henderson, Creative Writing Chair
Katherine Factor, Creative Writing Faculty

Visual Arts Advisors
Linda Lucia Santana & David Reid Marr, Idyllwild Arts Academy Visual Arts Department

Graphic Design
McCarthy Design Inc. 

Parallax Online is funded by an Arts Enterprise Laboratory (AEL) Grant from Idyllwild Arts Academy. The editors thank Don Put for his assistance with AEL, as well as Molossus editors David Shook and Brian Hewes.

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