Editor-in-Chief: Ryan French is an amazing writer with countless awards — the list is so long that it cannot even be listed. He likes long walks in the ocean, frogs with human hands, throwing teeth at the moon, and being emotionally distant from trees. 

Junior Editor-in-Chief: Rome Smaoui is a poetry and fiction writer, who is originally from Tunisia. She is a radical Marvel enthusiast and a major Doctor Who fan. She often carries around a magnifying glass; nobody knows why. She recently won the Roadrunner Review High School Writing Competition… Oh, and she’s a Hufflepuff.

Fiction Editor: Bailey Bujnosek is a fiction writer. She has bylines with Girls’ Life and The Adroit Journal, and her work has been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. When she’s not writing, she enjoys watching reality television and eating instant macaroni.

Poetry Editor: Bella Koschalk is a poet and bee enthusiast. She is a second-year Creative Writing sophomore at Idyllwild arts. Her work has appeared in Sonder Midwest and been recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. She loves making zines, peanut butter, and miniature objects.

Nonfiction Editor: Lillian Tookey is a surrealist nonfiction writer who sometimes preforms interpretive dances and is satisfied by mathematics, physics, and frogs. She brings  the weird  and is not always but sometimes disruptive. She was also a semi-finalist in the 2019 Faulkner- Wisdom Short Story competition.

Dramatic Writing Editor: Claire Y. Kim is a Korean sophomore at Idyllwild arts, exploring the wonder of poetries and short stories. In her free time, Claire likes to collect Snapple bottles to display them on her window, listen to Christmas songs, and binge-watch Youtube videos.



Ryan French, Rome Smaoui, Leo Y., Lillian Tookey, Bella Koschalk, Bailey Bujnosek, Claire Kim.

Editorial Advisor
Kim Henderson, Creative Writing Chair

Visual Arts Advisor
Linda Lucia Santana, Idyllwild Arts Academy Visual Arts Department

Graphic Design
McCarthy Design Inc. 

Parallax Online is funded by an Arts Enterprise Laboratory (AEL) Grant from Idyllwild Arts Academy. The editors thank Don Put for his assistance with AEL, as well as Molossus editors David Shook and Brian Hewes.

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