Editor in Chief: Luis Ham is a hopeless romantic from Guadalajara, Mexico who enjoys drinking obscene amounts of coffee while reading Neruda or Vonnegut. He has a passion for philosophy and likes to drag other people down with him as he goes into existential crises. When he is not daydreaming, he is a senior Creative Writer at Idyllwild Arts Academy, and hopes to move to Paris in the future.

Junior Editor/Poetry Editor: Parsa Sheikholeslami is a junior at Idyllwild Arts Academy. Existentialism, poetry, and philosophy are his tools for surviving life. He likes to watch people do daily activities while listening to Edith Piaf. He then writes about them and disappears into the horizon. He is currently residing on earth and enjoying his imaginary wine making business.

Dramatic Writing:
Emily Cameron is a senior at Idyllwild Arts Academy and studies Creative Writing.  In the future, she hopes to make a living off of being a successful screenwriting.  She feels honored to be the Dramatic Writing Editor for Parallax, and has had an amazing experience working with the other talented editors and students.

Fiction Editor: Katie Johnson, a sophomore at Idyllwild Arts Academy, is from Sydney, Australia. She loves reading, writing and watching and reading fantasy and science fiction films and novels. Katie enjoys sixties folk rock and playing percussion guitar. She hopes to graduate from Idyllwild Arts Academy and move to the Pacific Northwest. In an ideal universe, Katie will grow up to be a Disney Princess.

Non-Fiction/Social Media: Segolene Pihut is a first-year junior attending Idyllwild Arts, and her interests circle around cult/experimental movies, alternative comics, and really, really cute dogs. Which is literally any dog, ever.


Luis Bermudez-Ham, Emily Cameron, Danae Devine, Katie Johnson, Sumire Komori, Segolene Pihut, Parisa Sheikholeslami,

Editorial Advisor
Kim Henderson, Creative Writing Chair

Visual Arts Advisors
Linda Lucia Santana & David Reid Marr, Idyllwild Arts Academy Visual Arts Department

Graphic Design
McCarthy Design Inc. 

Parallax Online is funded by an Arts Enterprise Laboratory (AEL) Grant from Idyllwild Arts Academy. The editors thank Don Put for his assistance with AEL, as well as Molossus editors David Shook and Brian Hewes.

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