Editor-in-Chief: Parsa Sheikholeslami is Persian and a  three year senior at Idyllwild Arts. He likes reading poetry and writing plays. Late nights he reads dense prose with dim lights. In an ideal world he would be able to read with no lights at all. He looks forward to working with the Parallax crew on all the strange work they receive throughout the year.

Junior Editor-in-Chief/Fiction Editor: Danae Devine is a junior attending Idyllwild Arts. In The Fountain film, Tommy the time traveler embarks on a journey through space in his tiny biosphere bubble. Eventually, this is how Danae will spend her retirement from life with one other person whom she will not meet until that day. But until then, she’ll attempt to make her existence as memorable a possible.

Poetry Editor: Segolene Pihut is a second year senior at Idyllwild Arts. Outside of artistic pursuits, she likes dogs.

Dramatic Writing Editor:  Campbell Dixon enjoys fine-tuning bicycles and skirting traffic laws. He would quit being a vegetarian, but he doesn’t want to wait for his stomach to start producing the enzymes to break down meat.

Non-Fiction Editor/Social Media: Emily Clarke is a sophomore Creative Writing major at Idyllwild Arts Academy. She is a member of the Cahuilla Band of Indians and enjoys incorporating her culture into her writing.


Emily Clarke, Danae Devine, Campbell Dixon, Evan Lytle, Segolene Pihut, Parsa Sheikholeslami, Linnea Zagaeski

Editorial Advisor
Kim Henderson, Creative Writing Chair

Visual Arts Advisor
Linda Lucia Santana, Idyllwild Arts Academy Visual Arts Department

Graphic Design
McCarthy Design Inc. 

Parallax Online is funded by an Arts Enterprise Laboratory (AEL) Grant from Idyllwild Arts Academy. The editors thank Don Put for his assistance with AEL, as well as Molossus editors David Shook and Brian Hewes.

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