Mr. Chinaski

Rebecca Cox crafts a dialogue with Bukowski’s alter-ego.

Visual art by Dana Field.

My bones would wait an eternity
for breaking, exposing themselves

to you. Waiting to have muscle
stripped and marrow sucked.

The sallow skin leeching urea,
an excuse to tempt you

towards me. Would you shatter
a violent work, with calcium

deposits sculpted for your pleasure?
I would willingly divide my

heart, section by section. If
you so desired, I would

flay myself to be served on
a silver platter. Kissing your

toes with my eyelids, I would
weep and dismantle myself.

Author: Rebecca Cox

Rebecca Cox comes from a land of heavy religious doctrines and gold-embossed drug problems. The effect this has had on her writing and perspectives of the world is profound and viciously entertaining.