We Sit Close by Shreya Ganguly

A cup of yellow drops,
a faint breeze cripples over.

Our arms extended,
a soft song lingers within us through starlight’s specks.
What striking pathways stand before us.
A soft speck of moonlight gleams across my eyes.

Oh, the waves dance, sobbing
and the winds scurry about us.

My dear, a maiden’s flurries fall on me
beneath the night’s fairies.

And a fading essence drops
its scent to earth’s strength.
Lo, the sky is dressed in a veil of cobalt blue
Are the droplets coming near you?
They are near me.
We shall rejoice now, I ween.
Let us cross lands seen.
For us, our hands lay close.

We sit close in our night.
We sit close.
Binding us to earth,
let us not part.


Shreya Ganguly is a fiction writer and poet, and a current junior at Wayne Hills High School where she works on the editorial staff of the school’s literary magazine, Lantern. She loves exploring the fluid spaces of the human experience, often weaving nature and history within words and stories. Her work has previously been published or recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Teen Ink, Short Fiction Break, among others. When she is not writing, she can be found reading or conversing with trees.


Visual art by Serena Wang

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