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Caustic Romanticism

Isaac Dwyer reviews the debut translation of Juliusz Slowacki’s drama of a romantic youth in the Warsaw insurrection.

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Toddlers, Coloring Books, and Tiaras

Rebecca Cox confronts gender roles with her younger brother over Jacinta Bunnell’s coloring book.

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Missing Out On the Grotesque

Isaac Dwyer dissects the downfalls (and merits) of Nick Blinko’s novel, The Primal Screamer.

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Mr. Fox

Ruth Ruiz sees more than a cliche love story in Helen Oyeyemi’s novel, Mr. Fox.

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The Art of Contraception with Susie Wild

Isaac Dwyer reviews the eclectic collection of short stories by Susie Wild, The Art of Contraception, and speaks with her about love, losers, upcoming projects, and performance.

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