Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parallax?
Parallax is an online literary and art journal edited by high school students of the Creative Writing Department at Idyllwild Arts Academy, a pre-professional school for the arts. Parallax has been published in print form for over a decade, and has recently launched its online counterpart, which accepts submissions from high school students internationally. It seeks to encourage the development of the voices of serious young adult writers.

How do I submit to Parallax?
You can submit original material to Parallax by following the instructions in our Submission Guidelines.

What is a Cover Letter?

Just a friendly brief intro telling us who you are.

How is material selected for Parallax?
Members of the Idyllwild Arts Creative Writing department select and edit material for publishing on Responses from the Editorial Staff can usually be expected to take between 4-6 weeks.

How can I contact Parallax?
The Editors of Parallax encourage letters, comments, suggestions, and general inquiries of all sorts. They can be submitted directly to them via email at

How can I support Parallax?
If you like Parallax and the work it produces, please submit your own writing, promote us to your friends, and join us on our various social media profiles.

How open is Parallax to the publication of work that may have questionable content or views?
Parallax is open to any and all subject matter. All content is considered on the basis of artistic merit, and will be reviewed accordingly.

Does Parallax accept visual art submissions?
No, at this time Parallax only publishes visual art from the Visual Arts Department of Idyllwild Arts Academy. Collaborative work, however, will be considered.

Does Parallax accept review copies?
Yes, though their receipt does not guarantee review placement.

What about reviews? Author interviews?
At this time Parallax does not accept reviews or author interviews for publication. All reviews and interviews are written or produced by Idyllwild Arts students.

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