Roll Your Tongue Back

Visual art by Samara Liu.

Tuck tongue in cheek and knot it
now to please. Apple Bitten, hey there
anesthetize me tease, head knocked against
the bed post, now make notches with your teeth,
opening up a burning throat, coated in a candy
sheen. My tongue a rolling rambling
tambourine, let the noise making muscle,
hammer against your bones, mandible beaten bolus
vibrating brass piano strings. Sigh and
let your flesh fly, roll it out back against
your slick dentines. I wanna feel your lip slip back
feel my fingers break, hear your saliva smack,
go ask karma how difficult it is
to crack me in half,
and push humility down my throat,
where my bile floats and you
can smell my shoe soles burning.
Turning into tallow in the jaundicing streets,
slick and melting sallow to adhere
faster than horse glue can coagulate,
and appease the need of adhesive
youths yearning, now wait it's my mouths turn to kiss
the asphalt and melt tomato red. Gyrate your
buds back, chew the cow cud spit
and smack it in your jaw, down till it's ground fine.
Daddy says he likes that. Sweet drag,
little lovers layered thick with vasoline,
she'll swallow all your stomach's nubile
grease. Here I am, Apple Bitten lookin smitten,
how's your new cheap thrill, nose holes drilled quick
to the leak out your dribble spill. What's happenin, did your
tongue slide slack, break your taste bud sack?
I wanna see you roll your tongue back.
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