Where I’m from:

Visual art by Yuli Kuan.

I come from funnies on the kitchen floor
And haircuts where my feet don’t touch the ground
Freshly shorn bobs
I come from swear words and electric guitar
The days where my mother’s hair was not the same as before
Soft touchable shocking blue and ghostly white
I come from little gold chains with little gold stars
Long drives into a valley soaked in smoggy heat
And diving into brightly wrapped present mountains
I come from Twin Beds
Dungeons and Dragons
20 sided die bouncing off our wooden table
I come from hot pots and butcher blocks
Bowls of steaming soups from cans, I made myself
Chocolate birthday cake with oozing marshmallow fluff
I come from twice the madness as a normal person
I guess that would explain me now.
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