Ariel Kim uses expansive imagery in her poem “Mikrokosmos” studying the latin characteristics of the galaxy

Two Poems by Nathan Lee

In these two poems by Nathan Lee, visceral and natural imagery is employed to create an authentic picture of teenage life.

Two Poems By Caroline Coleman

Caroline Coleman captures a vivid sense of yearning, nostalgia, pain, and beauty in her two gorgeously crafted poems, “graduation,” and “party portraits.”

Welcome to the Galapagos!

In her piece, Avalon Felice Lee takes you through a funky and absurd adventure into the Galapagos that contains strange bird-like characters who fight in a wacky wilderness.

Parallax Fiction and Poetry Scholarship Contest

Win a $25,000 scholarship to attend Idyllwild Arts Academy as a Creative Writing major, and possible publication in Parallax Online!

Recent Work

Undrawn Self Portrait

Undrawn Self Portrait The heart cracks into yellow yolk & white as it throbs through Instagram. The body walks to its reflection and squeezes itself shut. The ears tuned for sourness savor silence before they turn on & the mouth groans at the loudness of the world. The brain breathes out a sigh as yesterday’s […]

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(un)reality – Three poems by Allison Stein

In her three poems, Allison Stein uses visceral details and powerful imagery to paint compelling scenes and unforgettable characters.

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The Lady Downstairs

In her piece, “The Lady Downstairs”, Kanchan Naik unfolds the haunted side of family heritage in a busy city life full of twist’s, turns, and death.

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A Conversation With Leah Sottile

Leah Sottile is an Oregon-based freelance journalist and host of the National Magazine Award-nominated podcast, Bundyville. She has work featured in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Outside, Vice, The Atlantic, Playboy, California Sunday Magazine, and elsewhere.    After a two-day masterclass with the Idyllwild Arts Creative Writing Department, packed with mystery postcards and […]

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Layers of Self

In her beautifully crafted poem “Layers of Self,” Lauren Kim uses vivid language and powerful imagery to explore the self.

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Fish Magic

In her poem, Lynn Kong uses vivid language to reflect on and amplify the details in Paul Klee’s painting “Fish Magic.”

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Katherine Vandermel balances the simple and the lush; the ethereal and the physical in her visceral and poignant piece, “Hymnody.”

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Of This Skin

In her poem, “Of This Skin”, Angel Benjamin creates visceral imagery that explores the details of the largest organ of the human body; skin.

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A History of Drowning

In her prose poem, “A History of Drowning”, Pearl Reagler retraces her personal history of swimming by using very beautiful details and a series of intriguing events.

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