Half-Drunk Ode to Low Sodium Soy Sauce

Dani Blum brings an interesting and unique perspective in her ode to low sodium soy sauce.

Pink Weddings with Kristina Darling & Carol Guess.

Ana Garcia experiences grown-up fairy tales in “X Marks the Dress: A Registry,” a new poetry book by Kristina Marie Darling & Carol Guess.


Hannah Malik’s poem, Vialpando, explores the idea of childbirth and loss.

Experiments with Caryl Pagel

Ana and Emily discuss the editing process at Rescue Press and the inspiration behind the book Experiments I Should Like Tried at My Own Death, with the author and editoress herself, Caryl Pagel


Congratulations to Alina Pontius for winning Second Place in the Parallax Non-Major contest!

Recent Work


Rachel Hertzberg’s “Sorry” examines the often tumultuous patches of the relationship between Mother and child. Far from simple, this poem explores many familiar feelings and evokes a strong sense of nostalgia and sympathy.

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Fantasy From Afar

Come walk down the same sidewalk with Dante Yardas.

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Dear Junior Year

Congratulations to Tenaya Berndsen for winning Honorable Mention in this years IAA Non-Major Contest.

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Oh Writers, Writers

Ana Garcia explores the desperation of writer’s block in her beautiful and comical Non-fiction piece, “Oh Writers, Writers.”

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Congratulations to Eleonora Beran-Jahn for winning First Place in the Parallax Non-Major contest!

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Caitlin Plathe takes us on a lonely journey on the road.

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Parisa Sheikholeslami draws us in with a magical poem full of nature, beauty, and soul.

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“Hi. It’s Me, Death” with Dana Levin

Tibetan Buddhism, hawks, death, dreams and Wikipedia Inspire Dana Levin to write Sky Burial.

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The Copper Flora Rain

Arthur Pembrook experiments with the phenomena of synaesthesia in this poem.

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