In her winning piece for Parallax’s Horror Contest, Eleonora Beran-Jahn takes us into the world of a mysterious small town where the night brings more than just the moon out. Also congratulations to Hannah Hardy whose art won first place in the Visual Art – Parallax Halloween Horror Contest.

In Memory of Emzara

“The world is ending soon, my love.”


“I want him to sleep in the crook of an avocado.”

Make Room

Make room in your afternoon schedule to enjoy Fiora Elbers-Tibbitts’s poem in Parallax-Online.

Sea Cucumber

“I inhale salt water, and he asks me if I’m breathing heavily because I’m agitated, and that agitates me.”

Recent Work

Samantha Dunn Interview

Samantha Dunn is the author of several non-fiction and fiction novels, including Failing Paris and Faith in Carlos Gomez: A Memoir of Salsa, Sex, and Salvation. She teaches at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and recently taught a masterclass at Idyllwild Arts Academy. During her visit, the Parallax editors got to sit down and interview Samantha about female representation in writing, the writing process, and how to deal with criticism.

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Gregory Robinson Interview

Everyone has an obsession. Gregory Robinson channels his fascination of silent films into his book of prose-poetry, All Movies Love the Moon. This book takes readers on an entertaining journey through the evolution of silent films. The creative writing majors of Idyllwild Arts Academy were fortunate enough to Skype with Robinson and ask him questions […]

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Curiosity Killed the Coroner

Hannah Phillips’ play describes a coroner’s experience after his family’s death.

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Sunday Dinner

“Another spring chicken: underdone meat, dry like chalk. She’ll learn.”

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Come hang with Emily Kessler.

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The Bear

Sofia Haines gives us a beautiful insight inside a bear’s mind.

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Robin the Noble

Sabrina Melendez battles gender norms in her modern twist to a heteronormative fairy tale.

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Rachel Hertzberg’s “Sorry” examines the often tumultuous patches of the relationship between Mother and child. Far from simple, this poem explores many familiar feelings and evokes a strong sense of nostalgia and sympathy.

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Pink Weddings with Kristina Darling & Carol Guess.

Ana Garcia experiences grown-up fairy tales in “X Marks the Dress: A Registry,” a new poetry book by Kristina Marie Darling & Carol Guess.

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