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Sonnet # 7

The voice in Rebecca Cox’s poem saves a disintegrating lover.

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Rebecca Cox’s lyric takes a dive farther than you’ve ever gone before.

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Bloody Hell

Blood and love mingle unpleasantly in this poem by Ruth Ruiz.

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Michelle McMillan weaves a dreamlike state of longing with haunting words in her poem, Evening.

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Larger Sizes

Maddie Marlow’s sensual prose poem explores a young woman’s subtle insecurities.

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Army Crawling is Hard Enough

Erin Breen gives us a glimpse of her childhood escapades in her poem, Army Crawling is Hard Enough.

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I Hated Being Little

Erin Breen reflects on the disadvantages of childhood in her quirky poem, I hated being little.

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Spring Oak Road

A girl is accosted by a man claiming to be her father in Frida Gurewitz’s Spring Oak Road.

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Sand Screamer

Isaac Dwyer delves into the world of the mechanized mind.

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Where I’m from:

Frida Gurewitz grants the reader an opportunity to experience her childhood in this imagistic poem.

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