Bloody Hell

Visual Art by Caleigh Birrell & Samuel Lee
Red and silky
Starts out slow then refuses to stop
The scent of rusting nails invade my nostrils
I take slow deep breaths
Apply pressure,
“Oh dear, are you sure it’ll stop?”
Fight back those tears,
Not from the pain,
But from the
Shock of it all
Apply pressure to it
Make a bubble and then
Let it trickle down my skin
Leaving a river across the hairs and bumps
More goose bumps, the good kind
Remember Valentine’s day? The day for
Love the sensation of blood flowing through and on you
Hate the smell of rusting nails
Red the color of romance, so come on, show me a good time
Another place, another time, alas, another scar
“Please oh please just let this stop”
Crimson, burgundy
Time is of the essence
I should’ve tended to this before
More pressure
Soap and water
Creating lather I bring the solution to my leg
Slower and lower yet never easier
Remember all memories include blood

[box]Ruth Ruiz is a Creative Writing student at Idyllwild Arts Academy.[/box]

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